How long does it take to have an instrument made?

If your order has been confirmed and depending on the amount of other instruments in the cue, from when I start working on it, generally it would be 1 to 2 months for your instrument to be ready for pick up or shipment. This time can vary and could be shorter or longer depending on a number of different factors. 

Can I have a scale made that isn’t offered on your sound models menu?

Ideally yes, BUT, if I do not feel like I would be able to produce a good instrument due to the scale I will let you know. 

Will you make pans with more notes?

Currently I am making 7 note scales (8 notes total including the ding – central note) and 8 note scales (9 notes total including the ding – central note). I am also exploring putting certain notes on the bottom shell, but this is still in its experimentation phase. I may eventually make a few 9 noters, but for now I am sticking to 8s and 7s.

What is the price of your instruments?

These Prices are subject to change without notice
Raw Steel
7 note pan (8 including the ding) $1500.00 USD
8 note pan (9 including the ding) $1650.00 USD 
Stainless Steel
7 note pan (8 including the ding) $2000.00 USD
8 note pan (9 including the ding) $2250.00 USD
I will CONSIDER 1 to 2 notes on the bottom shell, these notes would be an additional $200 per note.
I require a $500 deposit to start working on your instrument.

Are your instruments Nitrited to prevent rusting.

I do not offer nitrided instruments – I do however offer stainless steel instruments which are even less corrosive than nitrided steel – If purchasing a raw steel pan from me you will need to keep it lubricated to prevent rust. 

Do you tune to 440hz?

Yes. Unless otherwise requested all instruments are tuned to 440hz. I will tune to 432 only upon request. If tuning to 432 I will request the initial deposit be half the total cost of the instrument.

How do you sink your shells and shape your instruments?

Most of my instruments are made from Hydroformed shells however I do also hand sink some of my shells with the help of a pneumatic rammer. All dimples are hand hammered and the tone fields and hand traced! 

Are the ports on your instruments tuned?


Are there any notes you don’t make?

Depends on the diameter of the instrument 

Do you ship your instruments?

Yes. In Person pick up is HIGHLY PREFERRED, however I will ship if needed. If shipping outside the USA I require that you also purchase a Evatek Hardcase ($250 – this is the price it costs me) so that your pan has extra protection during shipping.

Where are you located if I want to come pick my instrument up?

I am located in Glendale, California, USA.

How big is the instrument and how much does it weigh?

I currently make 3 different sized pans – 21″,  20″,  and 17.75″ 

Does the instrument come with a bag?

Yes all pans come with a Nirvana Handpan soft carry case and you also have the option to upgrade to an evatek hardcase.