Officially in Production!

That’s right! No more prototypes! Nirvana Handpan #1 was a D Celtic Minor and it sounded lovely, I will be holding ALL of my instruments to this standard! If you are interested in purchasing an instrument and have not yet signed up for the wait list, then SIGN UP NOW! Spots are filling up quick, and I go through the list in order of when you signed up – Also I will eventually CLOSE this list for this current run of instruments. This batch will all be of 18 gauge cold rolled raw steel, 21″ (23 with lip), Handsunk, 7 notes plus the ding (8 total), with a polished ding and port. There may be a few experiments in this run as I am now dabbling with nitrided steel, and I am also playing around with some deep drawn vs hand sunk shells, but unless otherwise noted all instruments will fit the previous criteria. More scales will soon be added to the sound model section and I am still open to custom scales (though don’t guarantee I will make them). I will also be offering a number of flash sales and will be auctioning off some pans on eBay throughout the run. If you sign up for the wait list or mailing list you will be the first to be notified about when these instruments go up for sale – so sign up. Not to worry, if you purchase one of the instruments via the auction or immediate purchase through flash sale, you will not lose your place in the cue for a custom instrument. I am also now happy to ship instruments within the USA, while I still prefer local pick up in Los Angeles Ca, I believe I have sorted out some good shipping methods.

I also want to tank all of you amazing people who have been following me through my journey in building! You have all been an amazing support and inspiration. All your comments on my videos and fb posts are really appreciated, each one continues to remind me what a wonderful community these instruments have created. I hope to make an instrument for each and every one of you, and from the bottom of my heart thank you greatly for the opportunity.

Much Love

Terence Jay


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